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Care, Quality, Attention To Detail

With the introduction of Feed In Tariffs (FITS) Solar photovoltaics (PV) has become the main renewable technology of choice for both retrofit and new build. Installations of this type and the products used are accredited through the Microgeneration Scheme (MCS). All our installers and products are accredited. There are four key issues for any P.V. installation:

  1. The design of the system to ensure that it is tailor made for the building and performs at the optimum power output within the customer’s budget.
  2. The products used have a high performance under working conditions and have long guarantees. They are made by companies that are here to stay.
  3. The installation is conducted by accredited, experienced and large installers who share our customer care philosophy.
  4. The maintenance and monitoring of the system to ensure that it continues to perform at agreed power outputs. FITS are payable for the next 25 years.